Thursday, May 7, 2009

Research/ interview questions

I have decided to interview my family members including my mother who owns Nail Salon.
Since there's limited jobs that first generation immigrants to choose from, it's interesting to find out how they start in that field and how did they achieve to have their own businesses.
my questions will be...
1) how did you decide to work in that field ( Nail Salon)?
2) what are/is the most difficulties that you had to overcome?
3) how is it different from working for someone else to having your own business?
4) you have come from different culture, how does it affect your job and what are the conflicts?
5) Do you feel that you are more involve in your community since you're the business owner?
6) how would you describe your work days?
7) what are the disadvantages/ advantages of being immigrant and business owner?
8) What is your opinion on policies on business/sales?

1 comment:

  1. Great job. I think with a business owner it would also be important to talk about her employees - who they are, how she hires, what those relationships are like - and about the relationships with customers.

    Also remember to post your research question!