Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I've learn from the interview..?

2) In conduction your interview, are there things you noticed that could be used as evidence aside from the words the person said? Think about body language, emotions, gestures, clothing, the setting of the interview, etc.

Not only from the words the person said, we can tell by person's emotion ( Is that person tired from work? Is he upset? or is he not satisfied?) . Also, by the body language/gestures ( Is he uncomfortable about certain topic? Is he trying to look okay about it? Is he having pain from the work?).
For me, during the interview, I noticed that the person were suffering pain in her hands and shoulder from work. She tried to hide the pain but she was constantly rubbing her shoulder and hands. Also, for certain topic, she was very upset while explaining it to me. It is very important to understand what the person's saying to you as interviewer but it is also important to observe the person's condition/emotion.


  1. Good observation - see if some of these can make their way into your research essay!

  2. you know you are very observant. i didn't even observe anything from my interviewee except that she is always smiling and looks happy. i'm too focus in my interview. maybe i'll be observant next time.